25 June 2018

Ruhunu Hospital (Pvt) Ltd, opened a new laboratory, channel service and OPD (Out Patient Department) in Neluwa, providing a wide array of services in laboratory testing.

The Ruhunu Hospital Diagnostics (RHD) is an integral part of Ruhunu Hospital. Since the launch of RHD, theyhave built a reputation for accuracy and dependability using some of the most innovative, fast and accurate analyzers in the world.

In addition, the mobile app provides the patient an opportunity to view the test results. Also the patient will be notified through SMS that the results are ready to be collected.

Chairman of the Ruhunu Hospital DeepalWickramasinghe at the inauguration ceremony stated, “The new Laboratory adds to our growing portfolio of facilities and demonstrates our commitment to provide quality healthcare to residents across Neluwa. This was an opportunity for us to look at the distribution of the population, the demographics, and build a system which we believe best addresses the needs of the community. In the near future we hope to make multiple expansions in health care”

The laboratory facility has a specialized courier service structured specifically for the laboratory sector.

With this new addition, RHD will continue to offer the best qualitymedical care to a wider section of the population in down south.