Medical Information

15 March 2019


Ruhunu Hospital announced that the hospital now offers laser treatments for varicose veins and has enabled the treatment to be performed as an outpatient for the first time in the Southern Province.



With Ruhunu Hospital adapting to the latest and best healthcare technology at every corner, this treatment can be done without any cuts under local anaesthesia, eliminating the hassle of getting admitted, and ensuring that the patient feels less painful and a shorter recovery, and can walk immediately compared to other procedures.



We have performed about 400 procedures successfully by the same team. Varicose vein is a common condition which most often occurs among middle-aged women, and may lead to dire complications if neglected. With the advancements in medical technology globally, this new laser treatment is capable of successfully curing this condition.



“Convenience, assurance and commitment. The laser varicose treatment offered at Ruhunu Hospital is undoubtedly one of the premier services offered.



With the eligibility to undergo the treatment through the outpatient department (OPD), the reassuring safety of our latest equipment and qualified and experienced staff, and the trust of our professional consultant vascular surgeon, this is truly an exclusive offer in the down south region,” said Ruhunu Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd Chairman Deepal Wickremasinghe.



The consultant vascular surgeon Dr. Ranjuka Ubayasiri and well trained staff are prepared to perform laser treatment for varicose vein patients with utmost compassion and care.



With a vision to be the first choice in healthcare for our society and to be a leader in providing quality, compassionate and patient centred care, Ruhunu Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd was established in 1995 in Karapitiya and has come a long way in its journey of easing patients pains, and it is equipped with all modern facilities and offering its services at affordable prices to patients becoming one of the leading healthcare service providers in the Southern Province.